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    In connection to an article published at: http://oceandrive.com/developer-michael-capponi-helps-haiti-rebuild

    Capponi has been back 32 times subsequent to that visit. At first it was as only one of the numerous alleviation specialists. However, that soon advanced into a more profound duty. He purchased 700 tents and assembled a camp for 3,000 destitute seismic tremor casualties in the capital Port-au-Prince, paid for by a few pledge drives Capponi sorted out with the United Way of Miami-Dade, of which he is a board part.

    Michael Capponi (Michael Capponi Local 10) has truly been a godsend to the people of Haiti. The country of Haiti has been damaged by an earthquake in 2010, a tropical storm in 2012, an outbreak of cholera, and years of corruption. These devastating events and circumstances have caused Haitians to not be able to sustain themselves. Michael Capponi hopes to change this with is Haiti Empowerment Mission organization.

    michael capponi

    With help of Haiti Empowerment Mission (HEM), Michael hopes to deliver Haitians from the need of foreign aid. He feels that his organization will be able to educate Haitians about various trades. With this information, Haitians will be able to make money and to care for themselves.

    In addition to providing Haitians with money making opportunities, Michael would like to also assist the country with the rebuilding of homes and other places that have been destroyed. One of these places is a river located in Jacmel. Previously the river flowed into a waterfall but now it is dried up and contains trash. The river is not only unsightly but is also is dangerous because it helps to spread diseases.

    The efforts by Michael and HEM will hopefully turn Haiti into a country that does not rely so heavily on foreign aid. By empowering the Haitian residents, Haiti can become a country that sustains itself.

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